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TPG internet and landline $79.99 monthly direct debit from credit card.

The issue of internet going on since end of oct2020. Finally in jan2021 I lost my course exams online due to internet issues and that affected me , new my career to start.

In Feb 2021 TPG customer service agree to give three and half month cost towards new NBN installation.

(refused to give refund). I agree to install NBN and waited for installation.

TPG promised that it will be smooth transition from tpg adsl plus to NBN also TPG promised that first three and half months of NBN bill will be adjusted so I do not have to worry.

But Waited for NBN and person came and gone promise to come back and still not install after 10 months.

Since Nov2020 land Line not working and I was told NBN will be install so I must not worried . $20 per month debited from my credit card since nov2020 till august2021 without giving any service of landline and TPG refuse to give refund.

Rainier case officer of TPG:10 months $20 per month , $240 deducted from my credit card and TPG not refunding but case officer refuse to find solution and blaming me that NBN not install is my problem and Tpg no refund policy.

TPG cutoff my internet on 5/7/2021 without prior notice.

This is Covid lock down time and no NBN plan to install during lock down, so tpg failed to fulfil the promise of smooth transition.

No tpg customer service ready to tell me what happens and why and how to get internet service during this lock down as I needed this very badly for my online courses and health.

Tpg harassment since nov2020, too many Tpg calls and not giving internet and landline services , debiting From credit card money that cost 19.5% then Tpg refusing refunding money and not giving internet service and landline service.

Tpg case officer is rude snd very much trying to cover himself gor his mistakes as he cut off my internet snd did not came on phone for 11 days and finally finding instead of finding solution he is refusing money or internet till today 1/9/2021. This has affected my health very much and I told him yo put in email and he has not put anything about money refunding or installation of NBN but he has sent email saying your credit card not working and credit in my account .

Why TPG treat single mother who has enough challenges and st Covid time need help during hardship snd this case officer has only thing to do is cover his mistakes and then putting gun over my head and said remove old account and complain then start paying NBN then things may work for you.

So more money from credit card and no refund or no landline and internet.

Why tog can not look after loyal customer snd give service as promised ?

Why Tpg has case officer who gives lot of stress to customers and affecting health during lock down Nsw ?

Does Tpg take responsibilities to understand how much damage they have. Amused to my health mentally stressed Asr Annie case officer keep blaming me then keep repeating on phone for 30 min same finally no solution.

I find very very difficult in present situation if lock down snd no help from Tpg internet snd my money not refunded which cost interest19.5%.

Need solution and tog must know this type of case officer like Annie is not require to spoil customer health but find frisky way treat loyal customers.

Urgent action and advice please .

Wish humanity comes in every human life after experiencing Covid pandemic.


Help! Help!

God bless all.

Rekha S

User's recommendation: Tpg service has issues with my experience no service and no refund so lost money.

Monetary Loss: $5500.

Preferred solution: Total refund of six months with interest of 19.5%. Affected my health so need compensation of $5000.

TPG Internet Pros: Ready for disappointment.

TPG Internet Cons: Total disappointment.

Location: 65 Waterloo Road, Macquarie Park, New South Wales, 2113

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